Flavours: Original, Vanilla & Chocolate 


Available Sizes: 200ml, 500ml or 1L (plastic)
                                     500ml or 1L (glass Jars)  50c extra 

Prices:  200ml     $ 3.50
             500ml     $ 8.50
                    1L   $16.00

Pot Set Yoghurt each tub is individually pot-set with live cultrues and

pro-biotics, giving a smooth coconut flavour with a Greek yoghurt.  Ensuring that the quality and cosistency are maintained in every batch.



Original: Coconut milk, rice flour, pectin, maple syrup, non-dairy yoghurt culture & pro-biotics

Vanilla: Coconut milk, rice flour, pectin, vanilla extract, vanilla seeds, maple syrup, macca powder, non-dairy yoghurt culture & pro-biotics

Chocolate: Coconut milk, rice flour, cacao powder, cocoa powder, pectin,  maple syrup, vanilla extract, non-dairy yoghurt culture & pro-biotics







Original Flavours


    As each batch is made by hand, there will always be slight variation in flavour or texture in every tub. We check the consisitency, flavour and texture of each batch but sometimes there will be the odd tub that may slip through.

    If you are not happy with the quality, consistency or texture of any product please contact us directly via email or text, and we will be more than happy to replace the tub or refund your money.

    Please keep the product and packaging so that the batch can be identified and recalled if necessary.

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